“Global Trends of Green Investment”, Kateryna Markevych (Razumkov Centre, Ukraine)

Environmental threats related to global climate change and environmental degradation have been at the forefront of global development risks in recent years. The United Nations and its specialized agencies, the G20 and G7, and the World Economic Forum confirm this. These growing threats have changed the world`s political agenda to restore natural ecosystems adhering to the principles of economic efficiency, social justice, and sustainable development. Trends of the first two decades of the XXI century created a “window of opportunity” for radical reforms and the transition to principles of “green” economic development. It has gained popularity at international, regional, and national levels, becoming, on the one hand, a response to the global financial crisis and, on the other hand, a driver of the transition to a new model of growth. Technological progress, economies of scale and political elites` support have contributed to accumulating “green” investment. In addition, national programs and strategies aimed at “green” growth have determined the redistribution of domestic finance and foreign investment.

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