GLOBSEC Trends 2021: Central and Eastern Europe one year into the pandemic (ÖGFE, Austria)

How are 10 countries in Central & Eastern Europe (CEE) navigating a year into the pandemic according to its citizens? What proportions of adults in CEE are planning to get vaccinated? How has the pandemic affected the popularity of world leaders? How is the EU perceived in relation to vaccination negotiations? Is the support democracy stronger or, on the contrary, did the sympathies towards undemocratic regimes and their practices rise? How do people perceive the imprisonment of Alexei Navalny or human rights abuses in China?

A new report by GLOBSEC, based in Bratislava, provides a comprehensive insight into the minds of Central and Eastern Europeans by offering answers to these pressing questions and much more. As the Austrian partner within the project, the Austrian Society for European Politics helped to analyse the Austrian specific results.

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