“How Can “Overall Progress and Development” Fail in Post-Conflict Societies? Securitization of the 2005–07 Stabilization and Association Agreement Negotiations in Republika Srpska”, Faris Kočan (CIR, Slovenia)

The author studies how the political elite in Republika Srpska instrumentalised (ethnic) divisions in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) during the negotiations on Stabilization and Association Agreement in order to maintain the status quo of Republika Srpska. The analysis of 1,769 media reports in the period between 2005 and 2007 showed how the European integration was framed as “existential uncertainty” for the future of Republika Srpska, and the European Union as such as a ”mouthpiece of the Bosniak agenda in BiH”. The article is very timely, as it identifies certain (security-driven) narratives, which were constructed by the political elite in Republika Srpska in the analyzed period, and became “sticky” enough to be employed 14 years later, when Bosnia and Herzegovina is facing various deadlocks in relation to the European integration process. The article was published in Nationalities Papers (Cambridge University Press). 

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