“How to promote the upgrading of local automotive actors and achieve a high road integration of the Hungarian automotive industry in European and global automotive value chains”, Andrea Szalavetz (IWE CERS, Hungary)

In March and April 2021, a series of interviews were conducted with stakeholders in the Hungarian automotive industry. Automotive companies in domestic and foreign ownership have been interviewed, along with representatives of industry associations, the president of the Hungarian Metalworkers’ Federation (a trade union representing the interests of workers in the automotive, electronics, metal and machinery industries), and a representative of the Government Office of a NUTS3 region that is strongly specialised in automotive manufacturing. This short paper summarises the comments of four key informants who have shared their ideas and suggestions regarding the necessary policy instruments that would promote local automotive actors’ upgrading and the high-road integration of the Hungarian automotive industry in the European and global automotive value chains. Since most of our interviewees opted for anonymity, the names of their organisations will not be disclosed.

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