IAI New research project on Europe’s future

IAI launched a new project titled “Towards a More United and Effective Europe: Beyond the 2014 European Parliament Elections”. The project aimed at delineating what kind of model of governance the EU could head towards, and which of these models was best suited for the purpose of a more united and effective EU. In particular, the research shed light on the degree and nature of integration at the “core” of Europe and the relationship of that core with those member states (current and future) which opt to remain outside it, assessing these questions against two benchmarks: political unity and policy effectiveness.

The project was launched by Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs Emma Bonino in July 2013 and a first brainstorming workshop was scheduled on 16 September in Rome, which discussed the conceptual framework of the project.

Other five events took place between November 2013 and April 2014 to discuss papers on the five topics of the projects (fiscal & monetary policy; transport, communications and infrastructure; energy & environment; security & defence; migration and movement of people). A final international conference in June 2014 presented the project’s overall research output.