IEP Berlin Policy Hub Team welcomes our first fellows from Moldova and Georgia

On 23 April 2018, the Team of the IEP Berlin Policy Hub welcomed our fellows from the Moldovan Think Tank IPRE (European Institute of Politics and Reforms) and the Georgian Think Tank GIP (Georgian Institute of Politics) for their first research and networking stay in Berlin.In the European-wide framework of the “Europeanization beyond process” initiative the Berlin Policy Hub serves as a point of contact and hosting institution for selected Eastern European Think Tanks. In preparation for their stays in Berlin, IEP facilitated meetings with German experts and decision-makers. Those meetings aim at providing researchers from Eastern Europe with the possibility to enhance the visibility of topics related to their home countries and to present their research to a broader German audience. We look forward to the upcoming days with interesting discussions and a fruitful exchange of ideas of our Moldovan and Georgian partners.

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