IIEA’s seminar on “Protecting Personal Data in the Digital Age”, 17 May 2013, Dublin

IIEA Logo_largeOn 17 May 2013, the  Institute of International and European Affairs (IIEA) hosted a high-level seminar on data protection. Individuals and businesses supply huge quantities of information on a daily basis, from telephone numbers to employment histories to bank account details. The spread of social networks and online ordering, as well as more widespread use of mobile devices, poses new challenges for the protection of personal data and the fight against cyber-crime. Marne Levine, Facebook’s Global Vice-President for Public Policy, and Billy Hawkes, Ireland’s Data Protection Commissioner, discussed these vital issues in the context of upcoming EU legislative reforms on data protection.

This event was organised with the support of McCann FitzGerald, and took place at their Dublin headquarters.

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