IMO Ocassional Papers, February 2013

Bartlett, Will: Socio-economic developments in the Enlargement Countries and the need for evidence bIMO_bookased policy making, IMO Ocassional Papers 2/2012, December 2012.

The Second IMO Occassional Paper in 2012 examines impacts of the global economic crisis on the policy making process among the Western Balkan countries. Author Will Bartlett argues that there is a substantial knowledge gap regarding the application and sustainability of policy options, which can only be filled through the well-designed research studies based on research questions that are relevant for the policy makers. In this context, the evidence-based policy making (EBPM) techniques have a valuable role to play in improving the policy process. This paper outlines both ex-ante and ex-post techniques of the EBPM, pointing out specific nature of the policy process in transition countries and the difficulties of formulating rational policy during periods of rapid structural change.

Policy paper is available at here.