“Improving Food Choices Through Nutrition Labelling: Towards a Common ‘Nutri-Score’ Scheme Across the EU – CEPOB 3.20”, Vincent Delhomme (College of Europe, Bruges)

The European Union is committed to the global fight against obesity and overweight, in which nutrition labelling plays an important role. Under Regulation 1169/2011, the EU currently operates with traditional tabular and numerical labelling. The ‘Nutri-Score’ is a new type of simplified, front-of-pack and colour-coded nutrition labelling already adopted by some member states as a recommendation to their food operators. It represents a useful supplement to the current system: it is easier to understand for consumers and leads to improved dietary choices. The adoption of the Nutri-Score across the EU would bring a triple benefit: better information to consumers, better health outcomes and a less fragmented European market for foodstuffs. As per Article 35 of Regulation 1169/2011, the European Commission is under an obligation to submit an overdue report on the matter, which could result in a proposal to modify the relevant EU provisions and introduce an EU-wide Nutri-Score labelling scheme.

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