“In the climatic interregnum: Arenas of a policy, of the Earth. The Great Continent. Interregnum policies. China, pandemic, climate”, Pierre Charbonnier (Sciences Po, France)

There is nothing after pandemic chaos. However, behind the monstrous images that parade on our screens, beyond the controversies that agitate our debates, in the vertigo of the crises of the 2020s, a new world is about to hatch. We will seek each other again in the interregnum. We are undergoing upheavals that are difficult to describe, transform or stop. Are we standing still or are we tipping? Two forces fracture our reality. The geopolitical rivalry between China and the United States structures the world. The climate crisis is changing everything. Meanwhile, in the pandemic, in France, in Europe, spectres are reviving: debt, conflict, gender, the state, sovereignty. Is it still possible to divide paths? This first volume of Le Grand Continent, an intellectual phenomenon of the 2020s, brings together twenty voices that respect the structure of politics in the interregnum. An idea brings them together and justifies disinfecting them: if disorder is certain, chaos is not yet a necessity.

Grand Continent, a magazine born online and carried by a new generation, has established itself in less than three years as the reference platform for strategic, political and intellectual debate on a continental scale. From this abundant workshop comes this paper volume, supporting the ambition of the Grand Continent to articulate the time of the tweet with the time of the book.

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