InDivEU dialogues with national policy makers: Slovenia, 15 November 2021

On 15 November 2021, TEPSA and its Slovenian member institute, the Centre for International Relations at the University of Ljubljana, organised a closed-door online discussion between InDivEU project researchers and Slovenian public officials and policy makers.. This event is part of a series of InDivEU dialogues with national policy makers, coordinated by the Trans European Policy Studies Association (TEPSA). These dialogues serve to ensure that InDivEU findings and recommendations are brought to the attention of national policymakers.

At the event, Dr. Paolo Chiocchetti (European University Institute) introduced the main findings and recommendations of the InDivEU project, including an overview of the past and future trends where he stressed that the level of differentiation is likely to either stagnate or increase with enlargement and / or Eurosceptic public opinions and governments. Dr. Maja Bučar presented the key findings of the Slovenian country case. The presentations were followed by a discussion that focused mainly on how to address heterogeneity between preferences, capacities and interests of Member States, and how to understand the relationship between differentiated integration and other tools such as subsidiarity.