“Infrastructure, transport and communications in post-crisis Europe”, Rome, 20 January 2014, IAI

logo IAIA truly united Europe in terms of its economy, politics and institutions cannot be achieved unless citizens are not united by a shared sense of purpose: transport and telecommunications are two of the most important areas of investment and development for decades to come, and this is a game that is played out globally between fierce competitors such as China and the United States. A game that Europe cannot afford to lose. These and others, have been the central themes of a conference organized by IAI on January 20th in Rome. The meeting welcomed members from business, politics and universities, to exchange ideas and perspectives within the project called ” Imagining Europe“, launched last year, which aims at delineating what kind of model of governance the EU could head towards, and which of these models is best suited for the purpose of a more united and effective EU.

You can download the report and papers from the conference here.