Institut für Europäische Politik: 14th Franco-German Dialogue: “More Europe! But how?”, 11 May 2012

The demand for more Europe might appear provocative with regard to the growing number of voices seriously discussing steps of disintegration. However, the participants of the Franco-German Dialogue, organised by the ASKO EUROPA-STIFTUNG and the Europäische Akademie Otzenhausen in cooperation with the Institut für Europäische Politik e.V. and other partners, supported the call in broad consensus. Due to the ensuing question regarding the paths towards more integration, there was ample ground for controversial discussions within the four working groups and the panels. The recently published appeal “Wir sind Europa. Manifest zur Neugründung der EU von unten” (“We are Europe. Manifest for a new foundation of the EU from the bottom up”) in the weekly newspaper “Die Zeit” pointed out the necessity not to remain on a theoretical level but to put demands into practice. The importance of these demands become apparent in the spectrum of challenges that the European Union faces at the moment and in the issues that were discussed within four working groups. The fact that the initial demand was not disproved but rather supported was a positive signal, which will hopefully become a central motif for the upcoming re-adjustment of the German-French relations.
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