Institut für Europäische Politik: Meeting of IEP Study Group Enlargement/Neighbourhood Policy, 12 May2012

The IEP Study Group Enlargement/Neighbourhood Policy met on the 12th of may, in the European House, Berlin, to discuss the topic of “Association agreements as an alternative to EU membership? Options of shaping EU relations with the Eastern European states”. Chaired by Elmar Brok, MEP Chair of the EP Committee on Foreign Affairs, and Dr. Katrin Böttger, Deputy Director of the Institut für Europäische Politik (IEP), the five guest lecturers and 30 participants with backgrounds in politics, administration, science and society took part in a constructive debate about the Association Agreement with Ukraine and the general design of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP). The participants voiced strong support for the more-for-more approach currently promoted by the European Commission as well as a differentiated treatment of the individual countries within the Eastern Partnership. Sectoral co-operation, stronger support and capacity-building for civil society and private economy, clear priorities when applying conditionality, and freedom of travel for the citizens of ENP countries emerged as important recommendations for decision makers in German and European politics.