“International Business, 2nd Edition”, Peter J. Buckley, Peter Enderwick and Hinrich Voss (CIR, Slovenia)

Written by a world-renowned author team and drawing together key theories and perspectives using Peter Buckley’s Global Factory framework, International Business is the most coherent and engaging text for international business available. This edition: 

  • Provides a thorough grounding in economic and international business theory alongside other perspectives, including social anthropology, political economy and management.
  • Chapters are brought to life through engaging examples and cases from a wide range of countries and cultures, including emerging markets, to provide a truly international approach.
  • Multiple perspectives are synthesized by applying the widely-recognised ‘Global Factory’ framework developed by Professor Peter J. Buckley FBA OBE, which provides a coherent and accessible model for understanding how businesses operate globally.
  • Additional learning features, including ‘IB Challenges’ and ‘Topics for Debate’, encourage students to view international business through a critical lens.

Prof. Dr. Andreja Jaklič from the Centre of International Relations (Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia) contributed a case study on international financial management strategies to the textbook. Prof. Jaklič regularly uses case studies in teaching and works with successful alumni of the International Relations program at the University of Ljubljana who have rich practice in international business. In her chapter for the textbook, she presented an ice-cream company Incom Leone and the financial management challenges encountered by rapidly growing MNEs during crises.

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