“International sanctions: The “other” effects”, Clara Portela and Martijn C. Vlaskamp (CIDOB, Spain)

Extensive academic research has looked at sanctions from the perspective of those imposing them. Less attention has been given to other impacts, for example, on their targets, on the domestic policies of the sanctioners and on third states. This issue of Revista CIDOB d’Afers Internacionals explores these other effects. A first group of articles examines the reactions of the targets of sanctions, reviews the academic evaluation of their effectiveness and investigates the regulation of “conflict minerals” as a new form of sanction. A second group deals with the effects of sanctions on third countries, in particular the triangles the EU forms with the United States and Cuba on the one hand and with Russia and Belarus on the other, as well as the Asian stance on Western sanctions against Russia and in support of Ukraine. Finally, a third group analyses the impact of EU sanctions against Iran and Russia on some of its member states.

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