Interorganisational Network Management for Successful Business Internationalisation, Iris Koleša & Andreja Jaklič (CIR, Slovenia)

Iris Koleša and Andreja Jaklič, members of the Centre of International Relations, Slovenia, published a scientific paper on the role of interorganisational networking in facilitating internationalisation. In the paper entitled ‘Interorganisational Network Management for Successful Business Internationalisation’ the authors study how interorganisational networks (business clubs in particular) can be managed in order to increase business engagement in business-to-business and business-government interorganisational networking in the internationalisation process. In an international survey involving 376 internationally active companies from Slovenia they confirm learning effects of international interorganisational networking and show that increased market distance, complexity of market entry mode and firm size positively impact firms’ (institutionalised) interorganisational networking during internationalisation, whereby business-to-business relationships seem to be more desirable in the initial stages of internationalisation and business-government relationships in its later phases.

The full paper is available here.