Introducing a TEPSA Member Institute: The Netherlands Institute of International Relations ‘Clingendael’

The Netherlands Institute of International Relations (‘Clingendael’) is a think tank and diplomatic training institute situated in The Hague. Clingendael’s location – in a park with all the ministries at a short distance – is well chosen to support international exchange and facilitate interactions between practitioners, academia and media. Clingendael covers research on a wide range of issues in international relations including our Asian Studies Programme, International Energy Programme, Diplomatic Studies and Security and Conflict Studies. The Clingendael European Studies Programme (CESP) consists of ten researchers and trainers and works closely together with the other Clingendael Programmes.

Our main objective is to contextualise current EU developments in longer term trends. The research addresses a wide range of topics. The areas of expertise within CESP include:

• EU’s external relations
• European governance and better regulation
• Justice and Home Affairs, asylum, migration and external borders
• EU Climate Policy
• EU Institutions
• EU Budget
• EU Agencies
• Internal Market
• EU Energy Policy
• Negotiation and international culture

Our work involves consultancy projects, academic publications and training. In addition, we operate in the media. It is important for our work to be well connected to policy makers and experts in the field and to organise seminars and public debates. Our events range from organising international workshops on particular topics for senior policy makers to debates with M(E)P’s for the wider public and high level conferences for all types of players in for instance the field of ‘Resource scarcity and the role of the EU’.

Moreover, we provide training programmes for different types of organisations and audiences. For instance, we are training approximately 1300 Polish civil servants for their upcoming Polish Presidency in cooperation with College of Europe and the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna.

For details or our activities, please refer to our website

Adriaan Schout (Head of Programme), Suzanne Nollen (Deputy Head of Programme), André Gerrits (Senior Research Fellow), Louise van Schaik (Research Fellow), Sarah Wolff (Research Fellow), Wilbur Perlot (Training and Research Fellow), Simone Wolters (Project Assistant), Arnout Mijs (Project Assistant), Birgit Leiteritz (Secretariat) and Martine Veenhuis (Secretariat).