Introducing a TEPSA Member Institute

ulbInstituieet d’Etudes Européennes (IEE) at Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB)

We enjoy a privileged location in Brussels. Capital of the European Union, Brussels is an exciting, international and open city. It is also the headquarters of the main European institutions with which we have established close contacts. This allows us to involve European policy makers in our courses and other activities.

We welcome professors, visiting professors and researchers from over 15 countries, and we have around 80% of foreign students, representing thirty different nationalities. This provides our students with an opportunity to be confronted with diverse identities, languages and cultures, which is an undeniable enrichment.

We offer a wide and comprehensive range of courses:

  • A two years long master in European studies, specializations in Politics and European History and Cultures.
  • Two complementary masters in European law and in Interdisciplinary Analysis of European Integration. Both are one year specialization formation.
  • A PhD program in European Studies.
  •  A one year long Executive Master in European Studies in English on an evening classes schedule.
  • Several summer schools, such as the Summer School on EU Criminal Law, or the Summer School on European Union Law and Immigration and Asylum Policy

We intend to attract the best students, through a rigorous selection process. We aim, within the tradition of Freedom of  Inquiry that characterizes the ULB, to provide them with the best academic education that incorporates both the imperatives of an autonomous intellectual and critical on European integration as their legitimate goals of professionalization. Our aim is to train citizens, practitioners and policy makers to pay attention to the numerous aspects of the European affairs. We privilege a bilingual French-English teaching, which is an added value to our degrees.  As part of their studies, students are also offered the possibility of an internship.

We set ourselves as a place of high-level debate on the European Union and its future. Our students benefit from the opportunity to participate in an open public dialogue with various players in the European Integration.

Teaching and research are closely linked in our institute, which is recognized as a centre of advanced research that combines disciplinary excellence in its four research sections (European law, European economy, history and cultures of Europe, European politics) with interdisciplinarity, which is its trademark. We participate actively in many disciplinary and interdisciplinary research networks, both national and international. Our students have therefore the opportunity to meet leading academic scholars.

Finally, as the brilliant careers of many of our alumni illustrate, our education programs are leading to a wide range of rewarding careers: European institutions, national and regional administrations, the private sector, lobbies, interest groups, think tanks, international organizations.