Introduction of a Member Institute: Greek Centre of European Studies & Research

30 years of Research on European Matters

The Greek Centre of European Studies and Research (EKEME in its Greek acronym) was founded in 1980 by a group of academics, legal practitioners, economists and social scientists.

EKEME was founded and operates as a non-profit institution, independent of any political or State affiliation.  It does not benefit of any regular subsidy, but is been financed by its members and through participation to programs and initiatives sponsored by national and EU sources.  EKEME has worked to shed light on several aspects of Greece’s membership to the EC/EU and to the integration process, with facts, with studies, with research programs and through participation to transnational research ventures.  EKEME is the Greek member of the Trans-European Policy Studies Association (TEPSA).

EKEME brings together the research experience and analytical capacity of a wide range of disciplines, especially economics, law, political science, sociology, as well as european and international relations. It has participated and is presently engaged in multi-disciplinary research programmes that allow for policy proposals in fields of current interest for Greece’s membership to the EU and European integration at large.


The board of EKEME consists of the President, Advocate Mr. N. Frangakis, the Vice-President, Professor Emeritus A. A. Fatouros, and the following members: Spyros Haritos, Dr. of Political and Social Sciences, George Glynos, ex officer, European Commission, Joseph Hassid, Professor, University of Piraeus, Panos Kazakos, Professor Emeritus, University of Athens, A. D. Papayannides, Advocate –Journalist, Constantine Stephanou, Professor, Panteion University and Marios Camhis, ex officer, European Commission.  Xenophon Yataganas, former Legal Advisor, European Commission is Director of Research and Nikolaos Lymouris, Dr. of Political Sciences, is the Executive Secretary of EKEME.  About 30 more distinguished personalities are EKEME’s associates.

Since the end of 2010 a Group of research fellows is created in EKEME.  At the moment this group consists of 19 members and its number is growing.  This group of young researchers will bring a new impetus inside the organisation through working papers and research programmes.

In May 2011, EKEME has co-organised with TEPSA and ECEFIL a conference on the topic: “After the Crisis: Adjustment in Greece and the Eurozone” in Brussels at the EP building with the support of its many Greek MEPs.  All the results of EKEME’s work are widely disseminated through our up-to-date mailing list or via our website.