“Investment in resilient food systems in the most vulnerable and fragile regions is critical”, Cibele Queiroz et al. (NUPI, Norway)

Reversing the alarming trend of rising food insecurity requires transformations towards just, sustainable and healthy food systems with an explicit focus on the most vulnerable and fragile regions. ending the curve of rising food insecurity while achieving global climate and sustainability targets (for example, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)) and remaining within planetary boundaries will require a fundamental transformation of the global food system. With the UN Food Systems Summit approaching, there is a growing concern over ensuring that any approaches and solutions proposed contribute to both a sustainable and just transformation. But for this to be achieved, we need a policy agenda with a much stronger focus on the needs and challenges of the people living in vulnerable and fragile regions, as well as the recognition that it is only by addressing those challenges in an integrated social–ecological way that we will be able to get to the heart of our global food system’s problems.

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