IRMO awarded the project “The Implementation of Branding Activities-QNeST”

IRMO was recently awarded the project “The Implementation of Branding Activities-QNeST” by the Istrian Development Agency, which is one of the partners in the Interreg ADRION programme project “Quality Network on Sustainable Tourism – QNeST”. The QNeST project aims to promote and fulfil the economic potential of the common and exceptional features of the cultural, traditional and environmental heritage of the Adriatic-Ionian area. It envisages the launch of an Adriatic-Ionian vision and strategy for the development of new quality tourism solutions, based on co-design processes involving key-stakeholders at local and higher levels and the capitalization of existing best practices related to the most interesting features of sustainable tourism. IRMO’s task is to analyse the state of sustainable tourism in countries along the Adriatic Sea through several components: environment, culture, health and gastronomy. In particular, existing brands will be analysed and a joint proposal for the new Adriatic-Ionian network of sustainable tourism will be prepared. IRMO will prepare a methodology for the initial research under which the analysis will be conducted in partner countries (Croatia, Italy, Slovenia, Greece, Montenegro and Albania), participate in the creation of a common brand and in the development of guidelines for its successful implementation (QNEST brand). The establishment of a sustainable tourism network with a joint QNeST brand should enable a more balanced development of the area, encourage information exchange among members of the network, secure a common ICT platform and ensure exchange of best practice experiences.

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