IRMO is working on a project on the Croatian National Reform Program

IRMO, in partnership with ECOROYS, is currently implementing a project “Introducing an indicator-based method for planning, monitoring and assessing the implementation of structural reforms for the National Reform Program of Croatia” which is financed by the Structural Reform Support Service of the EC.

The objective of this project is to enhance the process of planning, monitoring and reporting on the implementation of the National Reform Program (NRP) through an indicator-based method.  The main goal is to improve the NRP’s policy planning tools, i.e. planning, monitoring and reporting system through better selection, elaboration and application of the progress and performance indicators in order to strengthen the process of national strategic planning regarding reform measures. This will enhance policy decisions with regard to reform measures and ensure a more performance oriented formulation of the NRP.

Within this project a Report on the revised list of NRP indicators, method, data availability and collection will be developed for the purposes of planning, monitoring and assessing implementation of the structural reforms. In addition, the capacity building will be ensured through series of participative workshops with key stakeholders.