IRMO leads a new Jean Monnet project: “European Union Policies and the Platformisation of the Cultural and Audiovisual Sectors (platEU)” (IRMO, Croatia)

IRMO is the main beneficiary of this two-year project that will promote discussion and reflection on the role EU policies have on the online platforms impacting cultural and audio-visual sectors. The project will be implemented through events, research and dissemination: five-day postgraduate course on policies related to platformisation of cultural and audiovisual sectors in the EU, masterclass on the role that the European Union plays for audiovisual platforms, and lecture/debates on the European dimension of the (creative) platform economy. The events will put emphasis on active participation of the students and young professionals and will enable them to encounter other stakeholders (e.g. policy-makers, experts) for in-depth discussion and reflection. The events will be organized with project partners in Dubrovnik, Rijeka, Zadar and Zagreb in order to provide for decentralisation of activities. Project ‘platEU’ aims to ensure better position of the EU digital and cultural policies research in the curricula of existing and future programmes, and to kindle interest in EU digital culture. Research stream of the project is dedicated to development of open access policy briefs and to the publication of the special issue of a scientific journal that will serve as educational materials on EU digital policy issues, which will be available to European studies and cultural and media policy programmes. Project coordinator is Jaka Primorac, Senior Research Associate at the Department for Culture and Communication.