“Is there hope for Kosovo’s rule of law system? Three immediate actions needed”, Bardha Tahiri (ÖGFE, Austria)

Starting just after the war and for more than 20 years now, Kosovo has had international community as the strongest provider of support to strengthen the rule of law. Even though many reforms were undertaken, the country still faces persistent problems. As stated in many international reports, especially in the Kosovo Country Reports delivered by the European Commission over years, the current state of rule of law in Kosovo affects the country’s democratic and economic development, the approximation with the European Union and overall consolidation of the state. Thus, robust actions that are targeted to amend Kosovo’s fragile judiciary system are needed immediately argues the author of this Policy Brief, published in the framework of our “Western Balkans 2 EU” project, and provides policy recommendations that are some of the many needed measures to be implemented for strengthening the rule of law sector by reforming its functioning and administration.

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