“Issue 1/2018 of integration” (IEP, Germany)

In the new issue of integration, Pol Morillas, Melike Janine Sökmen and Akın Ünver present the global movements, trends and actors driving EU-Turkey relations and predict that under these circumstances conflictual dynamics between both actors are likely to increase.

Carmen Gerstenmeyer and Julian Plottka focus on the European Citizens’ Initiative and discuss selected reform elements with regard to their potential contribution to further democratise the EU. Markus Kaim and Ronja Kempin analyse the Franco-German security and defence cooperation and assess how far the level of ambition of both actors converge also with regard to current EU dynamics in this field (see the full text here).

Linn Selle discusses ideas on how to strengthen parliamentary bodies on the national and European level in order to exert their full budget authority.

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