“Italy and the Nuclear Ban Treaty: A Hesitant Opening?”, Ludovica Castelli (IAI, Italy)

Together with other four NATO members, Italy has hosted US nuclear weapons on its territory since the late 1950s. Moreover, Italy has for about two decades now been host to a large number of B61 nuclear bombs deployed to Europe (between 40 and 70 out of 180) and is the only state that counts two NATO nuclear bases on its territory: Ghedi Torre Air Base and Aviano Air Base (home to the US 31st Fighter Wing). With the aim of engaging nuclear weapon states and NATO countries in the TPNW’s activities, the Ban Treaty offers the option to participate as “observer countries” at the First Meeting of the State Parties (MSP) scheduled for 21–23 June 2022 in Vienna. Over the last months, two NATO countries, Norway and Germany, decided to participate as observers.

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