IWE 2012/2013 newest publications and a book launch

Book launch

On 13 December 2012, a 3-volume book was launched at IWE. The publication is in Hungarian, the title in English would be: Changing world economy – strategies, experiences and outlooks. The edition is freely downloadable at the IWE website (under the title “Változó világgazdaság I, II, III”)


Tamás Szigetvári, Turkey is back. Turkish interests on the Western Balkans, EU Frontier Study No. 9, CEU CENS, 2012

Péter Farkas, The Crisis and the Lessening of Economic Security. Financial Imbalances and the Mainline Model of Capitalism. In: Attila Fábián (ed.): A peaceful World is possible. Sopron, University of WestHungary Press, 2012. pp.184-201.


 In 2012, the Institute of World Economics launched its blog where posts in English can also be read: http://vilaggazdasagi.blog.hu/tags/eng.