IWE Working Papers: “Four years in the club: from external to internal Europeanization in Croatia”, Fruzsina Sigér (IWE, Hungary)

Croatia joined the European Union on 1 July 2013 after a long and meandrous road. On the one hand, the preparation for the negotiations was long already, on the other hand, the negotiation process itself also went slowly. Croatia was hit by the crisis severely, which also means that the accession process went parallel with an acute crisis management. The question arises whether the two processes had strengthened or rather hampered each other. So what impact of the membership can be identified in Croatia? Could the membership enhance the recovery from the long-lasting recession? Has the EU any role in this story? Almost four years has passed since the entrance conditions were replaced by a new set of internal rules: Croatia faces internal Europeanization pressure. What has changed in Croatia’s Europeanization pattern when it turned from internal to external?

February 2018

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