Jan Daniel Takes Part in ′′Misinformation, Clickbait, Junk News” Conference (IIR, Czech Republic)

The terms ‘fake news’ and ‘alternative facts’ have lost their shock value in today’s public discourse and seem to have become part of our normal political vocabulary. Fake news, mis- and disinformation are not a problem of a particular country but are found in politics around the world. This discussion brings together expert scholars who have done in-depth research on the phenomenon of disinformation in Czechia, the UK, Russia and Germany. Over the past years research on disinformation has mushroomed and we can observe an increasing engagement with the politics of disinformation: How do discourses around disinformation create insecurity? How do geopolitical considerations enter the debate on disinformation? How can we understand the phenomenon of clickbait? This roundtable looks at the academic and political debates of the past four years as well as point out blind spots for future research.

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