Joint publication from TEPSA and the Egmont Institute: “The reform of the EU courts (III). The Brilliant Alternative Approach of the European Court of Human Rights” By Franklin Dehousse

TEPSTEPSA-EgmontA is very happy to announce the publication of the 3rd report on “The reform of the EU courts” by Franklin Dehousse, in cooperation with the Egmont Institute.

The report compares the completely opposite justice reform strategies of the European Union and the Council of Europe. It underlines the multiple advantages of the participatory, transparent and progressive strategy for judicial reform followed by the Council of Europe. In that perspective, the doubling of the EU General Court has become the new symbol of a generally obese system of EU institutions.

Franklin Dehousse is professor (on sabbatical in abeyance) at the University of Liège, and judge at the General Court. The paper is written in collaboration with Benedetta Marsicola, who is legal assistant in the General Court. This article is written in a strictly personal capacity.

The report can be downloaded here.