Junior researcher at CIR wins the AmCham Top Potential 2020 prize (CIR, Slovenia)

Nina Pejič, a junior researcher at the Centre of International Relations and Chair of International Relations at the Faculty of Social Sciences (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia), won the AmCham Top Potential 2020 award together with Urška Kajtner from Roche. As a participant in the AmCham Young Professionals programme, Nina was recognised for her willingness to invest knowledge and energy in projects that are beneficial for the society as a whole. At the award ceremony, Nina stressed the importance of inclusion of female leaders in decision-making and noted that the Covid-19 pandemic has shown how the countries led by female leaders react differently to crises. She described female leaders as persistent and capable of achieving high quality leadership – one of the reasons for this being that they are continuously reflecting on their actions, whether they suffice, and how they could be improved. She stressed that female and male leadership are not excluding, but rather complementary. She thereby noted that there are nonetheless fewer females in top positions in the USA.