“Kari M. Osland is NUPI’s new Director” (NUPI, Norway)

Kari M. Osland will be the new Director at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs from 1 September 2023. We are very happy to announce that Osland is becoming the director at NUPI. She is an outstanding researcher, has solid leadership experience, and knows NUPI well. She has the experience, knowledge, and personal qualities we have been searching for. We look forward to her starting on September 1st, says Karl Erik Haug, Chairman of the Board at NUPI.

Osland will become NUPI’s first female director. She has worked at the institute since 1998 and is currently a Senior Research Fellow in the Research group on peace, conflict, and development at NUPI. Osland’s research focuses on conflict dynamics, insurgencies, peace operations, and peace building.

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