“Crises as the Destiny of the European Union”, Kārlis Bukovskis and Andris Sprūds (LIIA, Latvia)

The book “Crises as the Destiny of the European Union” analyzes the development of the European Union and Latvia-EU relations in the context of crises. Throughout its existence, the European Union has been affected by crises. The task of the book, by looking at the most significant and loudest crises in the EU since Latvia’s accession to the European Union and comparing the political solutions chosen by them, is to assess where these crises have led and Latvia’s place in them. Past experience of crises suggests that the European Union is getting closer and more integrated. Whether this approach will continue in the context of the Brexit and Covid-19 crises, or whether, on the contrary, it will become more disintegrated due to the renewal of national borders and national roles, is a question that is addressed in this book.

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