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Logo-Vilnius-300x69Publication by IIRPS scholars „Lithuania in the EU: transformation or simulation?”

In the framework of the project funded by Research Council of Lithuania the study group consisting of 7 IIRPS researchers leaded by both nationally and internationally known researchers of Europeanization published a book „Lithuania in the EU: transformation or simulation?”. In this book analysis of changes in Lithuania during the recent ten years of the Europeanization process is presented. Authors: Sabina Bankauskaitė-Grigaliūnienė, Liutauras Gudžinskas, Sabina Karmazinaitė, Vytautas Kuokštis, Klaudijus Maniokas (editor), Vitalis Nakrošis, Ramūnas Vilpišauskas and Darius Žeruolis.

Klaudijus Maniokas (ed.), Lithuania in the EU: transformation or simulation? (in Lithuanian), Vilnius: Vilnius University Publishing House, 292 pp.