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IEP_Bildschirm_200x40pxIntegration 3/2015 published

In the new issue of Integration Minister of State Michael Roth asks for more credibility and visibility in the EU enlargement policy and illustrates how the German federal government intends to strengthen the dynamic elements in the enlargement process. Katrin Böttger provides recommendations for a middle- and long-term concept for the EU-Russia relationship in view of the ongoing Ukraine crisis. Eva Mareike Schmitt and David Kabus analyse the agenda-setting power of the European Union as a liberalizing force in the WTO. Peter Becker and Ronny Müller present the reasons and results of the recently reformed cohesion policy of the EU for the funding period 2014–2020. Besides the report on the third annual conference of the German-Portuguese Forum two conference reports of the “Arbeitskreis Europäische Integration” focus on subjects, such as free trade versus democracy and market versus state.

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