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Energy Resources: Dependencies, Conflicts, and Rules in the EU and Asia

Together with Prof. François Bafoil, senior research fellow at CERI-Sciences Po, Laurent Baechler, CIFE director of the MAEIS (Master) anglophone branch, directed a collective research project dealing with energy security issues in Europe and Asia. Ellenor Francisco, CIFE alumna from the 2012-2013 anglophone branch, contributed as well to this collective work. The result of this project is an online publication on CERI’s website, composed of several articles handling such issues as the role of Mongolia’s fossil fuel resources in energy security in Asia, conflicts in South China Sea around off shore energy resources, NATO’s contribution to energy security of its members states. Laurent Baechler’s contribution deals with the Europeanisation of energy policy.

Les notes de recherche 1 et 2 (Policy Papers) dirigés par Hartmut Marhold sont disponibles en ligne

H. Marhold, Federalism still matters – Perspectives fédéralistes dans le débat actuel sur la réforme de l’Union européenne

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