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logo-SIIASchmidt-Felzmann, A. (2015) The EU’s relations with Russia: off balance and beyond repair? in Antonina Bakardjieva-Engelbrekt, Lars Oxelheim and Thomas Persson (eds) The EU’s Role in Fighting Global Imbalances. Cheltenham, UK and Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar.

Schmidt-Felzmann, A. (2015) A Northern perspective on Russia’s challenge to European Security and sagaciousness. In A. Spruds (ed) Riga Dialogue: Towards a Shared Security Environment. Afterthoughts from the Riga Security Seminar 2015, RIGA: LIIA.

Schmidt-Felzmann, A. (2015) European foreign policy towards Russia: Challenges, lessons and future avenues for research. In Jørgensen et al. (eds) The SAGE Handbook of European Foreign Policy, SAGE Publishers.

Brady, H, & Parkes, R. (2015) EU home affairs diplomacy: why, what, where – and how. European Union Institute for Security Studies, Chaillot Paper No 135, July 2015.

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