Latvia’s Foreign Policy Centenary: Ideas and Personalities, Diāna Potjomkina, Andris Sprūds, Valters Ščerbinskis (Eds.) (LIIA, Latvia)

The upcoming centennial of Latvia’s statehood provides an important occasion to reflect on the country’s international achievements and offer a self-critical look at what remains to be done. This publication identifies main currents in Latvia’s foreign policy thinking and the most remarkable individuals that contributed to shaping them. A team of local and foreign experts reviews key ideational trends in Latvia’s foreign policy during the Interwar period and today, as well as assesses the trajectories of thinking during the periods of exile and regaining independence.

This project was made possible thanks to support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia and the Saeima of the Republic of Latvia The project was completed in cooperation with National Information Agency LETA.

The respective authors are accountable for the content of individual articles. The opinions expressed by the authors should not be construed as representing those of the Latvian Institute of International Affairs, project supporters or partners, other government institutions or entities.

Link: Latvia’s Foreign Policy Centenary: Ideas and Personalities