Launch ASEF Public Diplomacy Handbook, Clingendael Institute


The Clingendael Institute and the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) are co-organising the launch of the ASEF Public Diplomacy Handbook, How to Win Hearts and Minds at the Clingendael Institute.

The Asia Europe cooperation in the field of multilateral and global envirnonment is under political and economic challenge.On this occasion, a group of experts in foreign affairs and international relations will exchange their views on the relevance of the Asia-Europe cooperation in this area.

The ASEF Public Diplomacy Handbook presents scientifically valid data and public diplomacy practitioners’ feedback tailored to a practical training tool. Each chapter combines theories on a relevant topic with useful information obtained from an author’s hands-on experience. Accompanying interviews with high-profile professionals provide insightful knowledge on the role of public diplomacy in enhancing Asia-Europe cooperation.

The event will be opened by Ambassador Karst Warnecke, Executive Director of ASEF and moderated by mr. Richard Werly, Paris Correspondent of Le Temps.

The programme of the book launch can be downloaded here.

This event is upon personal invitation only.