Launch of a new podcast series (College of Europe, Bruges)

Since 1949, the College of Europe has been training young graduates from all over Europe, and now from all over the world, on European issues. It is an institution where European integration in all its aspects is studied and where its future is reflected. The College now welcomes 340 students on its historic campus in Bruges (Belgium), and 130 on its second campus, created in 1992 in Natolin (Poland). For one year, they follow a demanding academic program, live together and develop many extracurricular activities. Every week, the podcast series “Europe seen from Bruges” offers an original insight into European news, seen from Bruges. The speakers are students from the David Sassoli class (2022-2023), Academic Assistants and, more occasionally, professors.  The views expressed are those of the authors alone and do not necessarily reflect those of the College of Europe.

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