“Learning by Doing: EU Standards in the Balkans -EUlead”: a well-attended lecture on EU enlargement and differentiated integration (IRMO, Croatia)

As part of the Erasmus+ Jean Monnet project “Learning by Doing: EU Standards in the Balkans -EUlead” IRMO, in cooperation with the Faculty of Political Science of Zagreb University, organised a lecture on EU enlargement and differentiated integration.

The lecture was held by Prof Frank Schimmelfennig from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH Zurich). The lecture worked towards realisation of the EUlead project goal, which is to raise the level of awareness in Croatia about the EU and to strengthen the EU agenda in Croatia and the neighbouring region.

Although the lecture was catered towards the university students, it was nonetheless attended by a mixed audience of youth, experts in the field, university academia, and other interested persons. The focus of the lecture was on “multi-speed Europe” and Europe “a la carte”, which are topics that have caused some controversy in academia and expert narrative. More recently this subject has gained additional traction in the context of resolving some of the current challenges faced by the EU, including perspective enlargements and further integration of existing member states. These broader concepts were explored in further detail in the context of Croatia, the region, and contemporary challenges faced by the EU (such as Brexit) though a session of questions and answers that initiated a stimulating, interactive dialogue between the guest lecturer and the audience.

More about the project: http://eulead.irmo.hr/