Leïla Chaibi MEP on EU Employment Policy | EP4U Interviews

How does the EU plan to raise its citizens out of the economic plight caused by COVID19? And what about solving broader employment or social issues?

In the framework of the EP4U project, TEPSA has invited Leïla Chaibi, MEP from the Left Group in the European Parliament and a member of La France Insoumise at the national level, to talk about her reaction to EU Employment policy. Dr. Tom Chevalier from the Centre of European Studies and Comparative Politics of Sciences Po , a leading expert on employment and social policy, conducted the interview in Paris, France.

In this video they discuss the rights of platform workers and the problems with the gig economy, focussing on MEP Chaibi’s efforts to regulate platforms such as Uber and Deliveroo in order to protect their employees. They also discuss the perceived democratic deficit of the European Union, and MEP Chaibi passionately argues in favour of giving the European Parliament the right of legislative initiative, in order to give the citizens more power in the EU.