LISBOAN 2nd Annual Conference on “Governance in and of the crisis – Lessons and options of Lisbon and beyond”, 10-11 May 2012

On 10-11 May, the LISBOAN second annual conference took place at Fondation Universitaire, rue d’Egmont 11, 1000 Brussels. After the first annual conference that was organised last June 2011, the second annual conference also brought together members from all 67 partner institutions. The topic that served as this year’s thread is ‘Governance in and of the Crisis – Lessons and Options’. The first day the LISBOAN General Assembly took place followed by thematic working groups: The EU’s Institutional Framework Post Lisbon, External Action and CFSP, Economic and Financial Policy, The Lisbon Treaty in a courte, moyenne and longue durée perspective and The Quasi-constitutional nature of the Lisbon Treaty. On the second day, a roundtable on ‘Lisbon and Crisis’ took place and closed with the award ceremony by delivering the prize for Excellence in Teaching and Research.

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