Maja Bučar and Andreja Jaklič hold series of lectures at Hubei University in Wuhan, China

Maja Bučar, PhD, and Andreja Jaklič, PhD, from Centre of International Relations (CIR) held a series of lectures on selected European Union (EU) policies and international economic relations of the EU at the Hubei University in Wuhan, China, in the beginning of June 2017. During their lectures, which were targeted at the University’s doctoral students in the Business School, they discussed the role of EU in the global economy, the European business’ engagement in global value chains, and the EU innovation, research and development as well as entrepreneurship policies. They moreover held lectures on policy evaluation methods and scientific writing. Due to great student interest in the presented topics and a successful study visit, CIR at the Faculty of Social Sciences (University of Ljubljana) and the Hubei University have decided to strengthen their collaboration and signed a cooperation agreement for future study visits