Past events at the Netherlands Institute of International Relations ‘Clingendael’ – Spring 2016



Making better security and justice programming happen
10 May 2016, The Hague Institute for Global Justice


One-day Interactive Brainstorm by the Knowledge Platform Security and Rule of Law.

Why is the change needed for better security/justice programming in fragile societies not happening? Why is the weight of evidence and good practice that is available on how such programming can be designed and implemented in a more adaptive and politically astute manner not creating a sense of urgency?

Acknowledging that fragile societies are challenging places for programs to succeed, this event by the Knowledge Platform on Security and Rule of Law focused on three factors that play a role in blocking change in programming approaches:

  • The domestic nature and focus on tangible results of donor-promoted accountability prevent more flexible forms of program engagement, stakeholder management and monitoring/results-reporting from developing.
  • The status-quo power of established bureaucratic procedures and relations prevents the emergence of innovative spaces in which experiential approaches to security/justice programming can be attempted.
  • The skills and knowledge of a significant number of development practitioners for initiating and experimenting with more innovative security/justice programming are not adequate.

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