“Making European Policies Work: Multilevel Administration and Policy Integration”, Edward Best (EIPA, Maastricht)

Better implementation of EU policies depends not only on the capacity and commitment of individual Member States, but also on the adequacy of the overall arrangements for ‘multilevel administration’ through which these policies are managed. These arrangements have been evolving, in a few cases towards stronger EU roles in enforcement, but more through EU actions to help harmonise national implementation, deepen administrative cooperation and support capacity-building. As a result, there is increasing EU involvement in shaping public administration, traditionally a sovereign preserve of the Member States, as part of deeper administrative ‘integration‘ in some sectors, as well as through programmes of support for reform and recovery linked to recommendations. This makes it all the more important that decisions about multilevel arrangements are debated broadly and openly as a reasoned distribution of capacities and sharing of responsibilities for achieving common overarching goals.

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