Marta Lorimer, PhD candidate (LSE), visiting at Sciences Po, CEE

“I had a very productive research stay in the Centre for European Studies and Comparative Politics at Sciences Po (September-November 2017). During the two months and a half I spent at the CEE, I managed to complete the field work for my French case study and collect a significant amount of documents from Sciences Po’s library and from the archives of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France. At the CEE, I also found a helpful and attentive supervisor in Prof. Florence Haegel, whose insights have been very useful in helping me bring further definition to my project and think critically about some of its more contentious aspects. Last but not least, while in France, I taught the course ‘Europe: defining an idea’ in Sciences Po’s Central and Eastern European campus of Dijon. The forthnightly exchanges with my students were a refreshing and enjoyable experience that I hope to repeat in the future. In September, I presented my research in progress in the CEE’s internal seminar, where I found a constructive and engaged public that provided me with excellent feedback on my research project.

In the coming months, I will start analysing the material I have collected during my research stay and put it in relation with the material I collected for my second case study (Italy). Once I complete the analysis, I will start writing up my thesis, which is to be submitted in September 2019.”

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