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The Institute of International Relations Prague (IIR) is an independent public research institution which conducts scholarly research in the area of international relations since 1957. It is established by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.  The IIR’s mission is to conduct internationally recognized, excellent research in the field of international studies, contribute to the formation and conduct of the foreign policy of the Czech Republic, and increase awareness of issues of international relations among both professionals and the general public. The main activities of the Institute of International Relations comprise the following:

  • Basic and applied research of international relations, often in the framework of Czech, as well as international, projects;
  • Publication activities in the form of periodicals; magazine for the general public Mezinárodní Politika, and two scholarly peer-reviewed journals, Czech Journal of International Relations (CJIR) and New Perspectives (both published in English), policy papers, policy briefs and other policy outputs;
  • Organisation of scholarly and public events – national and international conferences, seminars, roundtable discussions and presentations (more than sixty per year);
  • Cooperation with governmental and nongovernmental organisations organisations from the Czech Republic and abroad.
  • The archives of the IIR’s Otto Pick International Relations Library, which is open to the public, contain some 70,000 (mainly foreign) publications, including 400 periodicals.;
  • Educational activities and student internships for students from all over the world.

The IIR is the largest Czech research institution in the field of International Relations, European Studies, Security Studies and Area Studies. Its mission is to contribute to European and international IR research. To accomplish this goal, IIR builds on a robust body of basic and theoretical research which is subsequently translated into applied research as well as policy advising. IIR’s research centers are focused on European Politics and Security, Global Political Economy, International Law, Study of Global Regions and Emerging Technologies.

IIR Senior Researcher Petr Kratochvíl is a member of the TEPSA Board since January 2017.

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