DGAP – German Council on Foreign Relations

Director and CEO: Guntram Wolff

Website: https://dgap.org/

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DGAP’s think tank conducts policy-oriented research at the intersection of operational politics, business, scholarship, and the media. More than 30 foreign policy experts work in six research programs focusing on: the European Union, Geo-Economics, International Order & Democracy, Migration, Security & Defence and Technology & Digitization. A new program on climate and global affairs will start its work in September 2021. DGAP’s experts regularly publish studies and analyses on current foreign policy issues that offer concrete policy approaches. In addition, DGAP helps foster and moderate the national foreign affairs debate by bringing together high-ranking decision-makers from politics and business, scholars, and the interested public in various formats such as conferences, roundtables, and study groups.

The German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP) is committed to fostering impactful foreign and security policy on a German and European level that promotes democracy, peace, and the rule of law. Since its founding in 1955, the nonpartisan organization’s members and research have continued to shape the debate on foreign policy issues in Germany.

DGAP’s experts provide decision-makers in politics, business, and civil society with strategic advice based on their foreign policy research and train young professionals in international leadership programs.

Through its work, DGAP aims to:

  • facilitate well-grounded foreign policy decisions
  • promote informed debate on foreign policy issues in Germany
  • further develop German expertise in foreign policy

DGAP’s Research Institute conducts action-oriented, practical research. Its more than 30 experts develop concrete solutions for pressing foreign policy concerns and contribute expertise to strategically address the challenges of an increasingly unstable world. DGAP’s Research Institute sees itself as a consultant, mediator, and driver of operative foreign policy.

DGAP’s core themes are:

  • International order and democracy
  • Security and defense
  • Geo-economics
  • Technology and digitization
  • Migration
  • Climate and global affairs (September 2021)

At DGAP, foreign policy is discussed by the decision-makers who shape it. Government officials from Germany and other countries, members of parliament and their staff, and ambassadors and diplomats regularly come together at DGAP’s events, more than 150 of which are held at its offices in Berlin-Tiergarten each year.

DGAP, a non-profit association, has more than 2,800 members who are committed to its goals. Those who are interested in foreign policy and under the age of 35 can join Young DGAP. Its more than 900 members value the unique opportunities for knowledge-sharing and networking that it provides. Seven regional forums actively facilitate debate on current foreign policy topics throughout Germany – from Hamburg to Munich, Düsseldorf to Dresden – and on to Brussels.

DGAP is Germany’s network for foreign policy. As an independent, nonpartisan, and nonprofit membership organization, think tank, and publisher, the DGAP has been promoting public debate on foreign policy in Germany for more than 60 years.

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